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Top shots

I love taking photos and over the past five years I feel I’ve really grown as a photographer.   I can give Flickr a photo hosting and social networking site some considerable credit for helping me to see and be in touch with some great photographers. 

It’s a struggle to spend as much time on photography as I used to.  I can’t really take the time to set up shots anymore.  I used to drive Simon crazy with my endless framing and fiddling, which was especially bad when I was using film and every frame had a marginal cost.  Now, I take shots as I find them mostly.   I don’t even do much by way of post-processing (though I do some). 

A Flickr group Top Shots of 2009, allows you to post one single item.  Your top shot from 2009, presumably.

But what would that be?  

Pony club   This rather odd shot of a pony club instructor in a tutu. 

water lily  This heavily saturated pair of waterlilies?
Gordon Highlanders I’m quite fond of this one, partly for its slightly voyeuristic qualities.  What can I say?  I’m a bit of a perv for a man in a kilt.

Goose stampede This scary photo of stampeding geese? (Ok, maybe not a top shot)

Menin Gate I love this photo of cyclist stopping to reflect on a war memorial in Belgium.

Pink dogwood I got some great dogwood photos – and since I hadn’t seen a proper dogwood in bloom for over a decade to me it was an amazing sight.

Frozen I love this Christmas card perfect image of frost on euphorbia

thru the window And this is one of the most recent shots I’ve taken

(More of my fave shots from 2009)

What do you reckon?

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