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At Woburn Safari Park, chickens run wild.   There are various types of chicken and even a guinea fowl or two.

Chickens scare me a little with their beady eyes.  And their pointy beaks and their sharp claws.  But they don’t scare Bill.  Not nearly as much as they should.

Beady eyed chicken

This chicken was a clever little clucker. It saw a toddler with a sandwich and it saw an opportunity.

eyeing up

The chicken is eyeing up the sandwich while the toddler is distracted by the pretty white chicken.


Bill made a kind offer of a bit of crust to the chicken. But the chicken saw the inch but took a mile. It happened fast, so I can’t be entirely sure what happened. But the chicken either jumped up on Bill or jumped up on the chair beside him and pecked the sandwich.

It’s not like he shouldn’t have known better. He should have learned that lesson a while ago.

Bill and the chickens

It freaked me out. Bill didn’t seem too happy, but he recovered fast enough. He managed to hold on to his sandwich and even kept eating. (Yuck, I know. He’d run off and eaten at it before we could stop him).