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How to remove crap from your Facebook stream

I love Facebook.  I love reading up on the details of people’s daily lives what they’re doing at work, stuff about their kids, even the stupid cute things that that their pets do.  I like how it kind of captures what’s going on in my hometown and among college friends and London friends and my far flung family and how I’ve picked up important personal news through that channel.

And although I do like games,  I don’t like games in Facebook.   I hate Farmville.  I hate Mafia Wars. I hate the fish game, too.  I don’t want to receive invites. I don’t want to receive a gift of two rusty horseshoes or whatever it might be.  And I because I’m a crusty ol’ curmudgeon I don’t even like seeing it in my Facebook activity stream.   But really that’s my problem, not the problem of people who are playing and enjoying these games.  And if Farmville keeps them coming back into Facebook and telling me about their kids, pets and what they had for dinner, then I’m grateful to Farmville – but just keep it out of my sight.

Fortunately, I don’t have to see it. And you can get rid of it, too.  Here’s how.

OK.  First find the offending article.  I’m choosing Sondra’s automatic update of a fortune cookie from the Daily Horoscope app.  And I’d like to say, that this particular app never really annoyed me and Sondra is not an offender in terms of putting a bunch of rubbish content into my stream. But the fact is, I’d just spent a few minutes getting rid of the stuff that really annoys me before I thought of doing this post and this was the first example I could find in my stream which I could get rid of using the same process.  So thanks, Sondra for being an example.  The irony of removing this particular fortune was not unappreciated.

Now, hover your cursor over the top right hand corner of the status update.  An X will appear.  Click it.

You can choose between removing all the status updates from a particular person or just this app.   Note that hiding someone does not mean that you’re unfriending them – just that you’re, well – ignoring them. You’ll never see their boring old drivel ever again.  And they’ll never, ever know.  Ace.  By the way, I’ve only done this to one person.  And it wasn’t you.  No really, not you.  I promise.

Just get rid of the offending app, not your friend.

Now, no more fortune cookies. And this hides ALL instances of this appearing in your time line, no matter which friend has generated them.