The kids are bored Here's something you may not have thought of

It’s a bank holiday and you don’t know what to do to entertain the critters.  I’m in that position today.  How can I burn off the extra energy of a young boy?  I’m sure we’ll head on down to Wisley or Richmond Park or maybe Wimbledon Park.  Old haunts.

But what else could we do today?  I happened to stumble across this attraction in my Flickr photostream.  I picked up this brochure ages ago in the North East of England.


Seriously fun. Who doesn’t want to take their kids to a mining adventure land called Killhope. The name alone conjures up such joyous associations as silicosis and cave-ins.

And what do you get to do at Killhope? Well, play with lead. Which is great, especially if you’re worried about your kids having some annoying extra IQ points or are concerned about potential excessive fecundity. Who wants grandchildren anyway?

Playing with lead

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