The wedding party

We were in Greenwich yesterday, visiting the National Maritime museum. Not all of it was air conditioned and we were relaxing on the long walk between the museum proper and The Queen’s House. This bride and groom (to be) were getting ready for a photo shoot (if you ask me, they should have waited until later in the day when the light was better). They were just standing around while their photographers were discussing how to set up the shots.

They were approached by foreign family (I heard them say something in French) who didn’t quite understand what was going on. I’m not sure if they thought they were museum exhibits or visiting royalty or what. But anyway the mother and asked to pose their children with them. The bride and groom had bemused expressions explained what they were up to, but gamely posed for the family shot.

I was sitting on some steps nearby eavesdropping on the exchange, so I took a picture, too – ‘cos I thought it was funny.

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