Scooting at Ham House

For Bill’s third birthday, he got the scooter he’d asked for. It hasn’t been an unmitigated success. As a toddler he was fearless, but now he worries about falling and he worries about potential embarrassment even more. But after closing time on a deserted stretch of access road in front of Ham House near Richmond-on-Thames, he was willing to give it a go.

A slow, careful go.

2 responses to “Scooting at Ham House

  1. You were very cautious as a little girl. You did not bleed from an accident until you were three. Perhaps caution shows growing wisdom. BTW, how did the cautious trial run work?

  2. Bill moved along very slowly on the scooter, he didn’t want to get up any speed. He has a slight scrape on his knee currently from where he fell that day, though not while using the scooter. Ing keeps him in long trousers which helps prevent knee scrapes, this one went right through the trouser, but at least it keeps the abrasion clean.

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