The young photographer

Our boy Bill is showing some considerable interest in my cameras.  But given his record of high tech destruction (DVD drives being particularly vulnerable) and sticky fingers on precious lenses, I’m loath to let him get his filthy mitts on my cameras.

Budding photographer

But his birthday is coming up soon.

However, when I’ve looked at kiddie cameras online, I’m shocked by their cheesiness and their low megapixels.  Obviously a camera for a three year old should probably have fixed focus and be rugged, including some minimal water-proofedness.  But reading through the reviews on Amazon, I’m disappointed with all of them and it seems like the chances of getting a randomly good photo is low and the possibilities of a bit of adult intervention through cropping and post-processing would be minimal because the size of the original file is too low. Maybe he wouldn’t care, but I think I would. Maybe I just need to get over it, but I’d quite like to have momentos of the world according to Bill.

I looked at shock proof, water proof cameras but they’re all quite expensive. And although some have dropped into the £150-ish range, that seems a bit high for a third birthday.  I’m really not sure what to do.



What’s this – I’m playing a social networking game called Empire Avenue, partly for fun, and partly – believe it or not – for work.  We’re building a new platform for knowledge sharing and I’m looking at fun online rewards for sharing knowledge.  But I need to include this code to verify my blog, so I can get more in-game currency.  The point of this game, eventually, I believe is to provide a big advertising platform with personalised recommendations.  The point of any game features we bring to the Knoweldge Hub will be to support knowledge transfer among local public services.

2 responses to “The young photographer

  1. a neighbour bought their daughter a used digital camera on ebay – for a fraction of the cost for new! take a look and see what you can find 🙂 you might be able to get something for £30-40 but worth lots more?

  2. The used digital is a fantastic idea. I was coming looking for ideas because I’ve thought about the same gift for my older boy, for largely the same reasons/

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