Commanding presence

Our Bill is a bossy boots. He’s quite insistent that things are done acertain way. He’s not evil with his power, but it’s clear that he’s the one who needs to be in charge. He’s generous with his favorite treats (for example, blueberries) – but only if he’s the one who’s doling them out.

It’s not just us he bosses around. When I pick him up for nursery in the evening, it takes us forever to get out of there because he’s making sure that the right parents take home the right child.

Two days ago when one father arrived, Bill pointed at him sternly and said “Simone” (the name of his child) – and then promptly rounded up Simone and steered her into the legs of her father. We had to wait around the nursery gate so that Bill could hold it open for Simone and her father and ensure the gate was properly shut behind them.

Yesterday, a car pulled up as we were leaving and Bill insisted on opening the car door for the woman and then informed her that her son was in the nursery with much emphasis and gesticulation.

Judging by the reactions of the other parents, it’s cute… now. But how long will that last?


One response to “Commanding presence

  1. Well where in the world would he get that trait? Is anyone in his extended family a follower? However, you might want to assert yourselves a bit more, he is only two and a half. Of course I, myself, would love to be bossed around by bossy boots.

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