Never turn your back on a T-rex

My dad is visiting and since our last visit to the Natural History Museum was such a success, but hampered by the throng of crowds which prevented us from seeing the dinosaurs we headed on up to South Kensington for a round of educational museum going.

Bill loved the museum and he loves to go round mashing the buttons on the exhibits and he didn’t much care what happened as a result.

This one made squeaky noises as you try to guide the dolphin to the fish

I was determined to get to the dinosaurs this time, no matter what despite Bill running off down wrong corridors and shouting “This way!”  Of course, that did mean we got to see the ancient specimens of lions and tigers and bears (oh my!).  And Bill was happy to oblige when I asked him what noise a bear makes.


When finally got to the dinosaurs and he was quite excited.  I was a bit nervous about how he might react to the animatronic Tyrannosaurs Rex, but he seemed to take it in his stride.

“Hello Dinosaur,”  he said.

“Hello Dinosaur,” he said so cheerfully and chirpily that I was beginning to wonder if perhaps it was a little bravado.

“Hello Dinosaur,” he said.  And then it was time to get our picture in front of the dino.  He was riding on my shoulders, so a quick quarter turn should have seen our jolly little group of three captured for posterity.

But he did NOT want to turn his back on the dinosaur.  No way.  No how.

Not advisable, Mommy


And this isn’t the first time either.  He wouldn’t stand in front of the giant hippo for an update on this portrait

don't throw me in, Uncle Will!

and he wouldn’t stand in front of the plaster lion at the Horniman museum, either.    He’s quite happy to get up close and examine them, but he’s also certain never to turn his back on the T-rex.

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