Geese of doom


This photo has shot up in Interestingness on my Flickr account recently.  Not entirely sure why.  Interestingness is a funny measure of, well, interestingness for the images on Flickr.   It’s based on algorithm as closely guarded as the Colonel’s recipe, but you can guess that some of the 11 herbs and spices are views, comments, groups where it’s posted and links to to the image.   Interestingness is measured overall – so there’s a number one most interesting picture every day  and it goes on down to the top 500.    I’ve had several photos make the interesting rankings – no where near close to the top, and not for a while.  You can see  my most interesting photos.

When I took this picture, I had been sitting on the ground photographing the geese when a dog startled these geese.  They started running toward me, but veered away at the last minute.  I’m slightly phobic of geese (as in they scare me on a deep level but if I keep my distance, I can pretend to myself that no one notices that I’m afraid of them).  I’m very proud of myself for manging to squeeze off a frame.


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