Visiting friend

Simon’s friend Craig, best man at our wedding, is visiting.  This is his second visit since we’ve had Bill.  Last summer our boy was quite taken with him, but this year even more so.  Their re-introduction on Friday was a moment of shyness on Bill’s part and then excited running around and showing off since.

  Bill and Craig

Craig’s a late sleeper since he’s often working a night shift in his job.  Bill danced around the guest room door in anticipation of his waking.

I’ve been loving it.  It provides a fantastic distraction from the usual constant need for attention or cycle of destruction.  But it’s also meant that Bill’s been fighting bedtime even harder, not wanting to miss a single second of Craig time. He wasn’t asleep untill 11 on Friday and Saturday saw a nice and early quarter past ten.

It doesn’t hurt Craig’s arrival means a substantial shift in our diet.  Craig’s four food groups are meat, bread, fat and salt.  He eschews vegetables and lives on a diet of fast food and Pepsi Max.  Bill wants Pepsi Max, too.  Bill loved his KFC picnic lunch at Deen City Farm almost as much as seeing the horses, chasing the peacock and certainly more than seeing the sheep.

Peacock Picnic

He crashed out at for our walk at the park and barely woke up half way through Richmond Park.  Although we (as usual) didn’t remember to bring anything to feed the water fowl, we were able to free ride on others’ forethought and see swans and Egyptian Geese up close. 

I’m not sure if bread is good for birds, but I’m pretty sure that crisps are not.  But apparently swans love Walkers Jamaican Jerk Chicken flavoured crisps are not and cygnets will eat them out of your hand.

Balanced diet

Not that we would hand feed swans junk food.  Of course not, even teen swans can break your wrist with one beat of their mighty wings.

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