2009: A year in pictures

In place of one of those Christmas newsletters….here’s a quick skim through my 2009 photos.   Click on any of the little pics to be able to see a bigger version.


The toddler trapper

A few crisp winter days in January and Bill develops a love of tidying.

More pictures from January.


Bill enjoys a big snow!

We had a massive snow and Bill learned how to make toddler tattoos.  See more pictures from February.


My brother and dad visit us.  Bill gives will a piggy back ride.  See more pics from March.


Group photo gone wrong

Bill visits Tennessee for the first time and meets his cousins

See more pictures from April.


We enjoy the petting zoo at the Chessington World of Adventure and enjoy some Spring flowers.

See more pictures from May


The beach at Calais

We take a quick trip to the Continent, visiting Frances and Bruges in Belgium.

See more pictures from June.


Wading in

enjoying a brief bit of warmth, wading in the Wandle

Playing in the playground, seeing Russell Tanner on the Fourth Plinth at Trafalgar Square for the sake of art and health in the developing world through ColaLife,

See more pictures from July


We visit Scotland and go to the London Zoo

See more pictures from August


Bill gets in touch with his Viking heritage

We have a strange guided tour at St Mary’s Church open day in Wimbledon.  See more pictures from September.


for you!

We go scrumping at Wisley…

go to the petting zoo and succumb to 2009’s biggest trend: swine flu and visit the Horniman museum.

See more pictures from October


My dad visits, we go to the Natural History Museum where Bill is highly suspicious of the T-rex and the Moctezuma exhibit at the British Museum.

See more pictures from November.


To come…I’ve barely taken any pictures 🙂

3 responses to “2009: A year in pictures

  1. Heather Koehler

    Ingrid, I love looking at your photos. Though few are of you, I feel as if I am getting to know you again after so many years without contact. The thread of family stretches across space.

  2. Margaret Heriot

    Loved looking at the pictures. Bill is a real charmer and delighted he’s been to USA. Thanks for Christmas card with adorable pic of Bill. Best wishes to you all for a Happy and Healthy New Year. Hope to see you sometime.

  3. Ingrid, these pictures are stunning. I especially love the ones of the kilts and tartans. Hope everything is going well for you, Simon and Bill. Miss you guys…

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